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Steps for Coming to the Clinic:

All patients coming to the clinic will need to have a phone or face-to-face consultation with one of our Medical Doctors.  To insure professional and ethical consideration, we must follow the following steps.

1.  Fax or mail a copy of recent medical records to our office.  The fax number is 714-375-4670.  Generally, a recent history is sufficient.  If reports on scans, pathology or other meaningful issues are available, please fax them as well.  We DO NOT need to see the actual scans...just the reports. The history is the part of the chart that contains a narrative.  Sometimes this will be in a discharge summary.  You are entitled to receive a copy of your records from your doctor or hospital. 

2.  When faxing or mailing include a cover sheet that indicates that you would like to schedule a consultation with the M.D., and include a number where we can reach you.  However, it is best to call us right after faxing to be sure we received your fax (714-842-1777).  

3.  Phone consultations are $200.00; face-to-face consultations are $300.00. 

The next step is the consultation with our M.D. (after the above is received). The patient will be evaluated by one of our consulting M.D.'s normally via a telephone consultation.  The approval of the admitting physician is required for admission to the program.

It is important for the patient to understand that not all patients are candidates for admission.  For example patients requiring continual monitoring, breathing apparatuses etc. are usually not good candidates.

Patients should be prepared to pay for each week at the time of admission.  We bill in one week increments. Our fee includes the products prescribed by our physicians while you are at the institute. We make no promises, explicit or implicit regarding the willingness of your insurance company to reimburse you for any services. 

All supplements are provided while the patient is at the clinic.  Patients should be advised that it is our belief that patients should continue on a vigorous supplementation program after they leave the clinic for the greatest benefit.  Our physicians will provide our patients with a list of recommended supplements before they leave, and the rationale for the supplements.  All supplements are available via our shipping department.  Recommended supplements will cost hundreds of dollars per month and for the short term may be over $1000.00 (depending on your situation).


Most insurance companies DO NOT cover complementary modalities.


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