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L. Timms - Oct 8, 2014

Laurie is in her early 60's and was considered a cancer survivor (10 years without a reoccurrence).  Six months before she visited Dr Ferre's clinic, she was given the diagnosis that she had metastatic breast cancer and it was on the spine and several major organs.  Some preliminary surgeries and 5 months of chemotherapy did nothing to stop her markers from reaching 20 times normal levels.  We came from Michigan to California for alternative treatment since conventional cancer care had not provided any results and therefore little or no hope. 

Laurie's husband had been researching other options for several months and Dr. Ferre's Orange County Immune institute had received very high praise from several books and articles that he had come across.  The week prior to arriving at Dr
Ferre's clinic Laurie's CT scan results showed the cancer had continued to spread and now was in the peritoneal cavity along with numerous lesions all over the spine, breast bone, ribs and shoulder.  Within 2 weeks of daily treatments at the clinic a PET scan was done based upon Dr. Ferre's and another cancer expert's recommendation.  The PET scan showed no active lesions on the bone or anywhere else.  Laurie started to feel better by the end of that second week and over the next 6 months her cancer markers dropped by 50%. 

Dr. Ferre and her staff make you feel welcome and loved while you are there.  In fact that love and care continues over long distances even 18 months later.  Dr. Ferre told us she treats her patients at the clinic like her own family and we both
believe that to be true.  Dr.Ferre continues to advise us even as Laurie's cancer has become active again.  Her knowledge of the immune system and how to stimulate it is amazing.  Dr. Ferre is very knowledgeable on what other treatments are available world wide, if not here in America.  As our options for treatment became more limited due to the recent progression of the cancer, she was again able to give us hope.  Upon researching one of her suggestions we are having amazing results outside of the USA.  Laurie would have preferred to get this treatment through Dr Ferre and her clinic but it was not a protocol that has much acceptance in the U.S. at this time. 

Dr. Ferre's clinic should be considered by patients whose immune system has been compromised.  Our experience with Dr Ferre has shown us the importance of a strong immune system and just how fast a strong immune system can combat many diseases including cancer.  We have and will continue to recommend Dr. Ferre's Orange County Immune Institute as the first choice in alternative medical care.

C.M. PharmD - July 17, 2014

From the initial phone appointment with Orange County Immune Institute, Drs. Ferre and Kiani graciously admitted me into their last opening and assisted me in local travel arrangements, realizing how ill I was with little energy and a lack of familiarity with the area. I was to begin 4 weeks of intensive treatment, which we extended to 8 weeks for maximum benefit. Of note, they opened the clinic for 2 of us, the very sickest cancer inpatients, on a Monday holiday. I truly believe starting on that day prevented further deterioration in my fragile condition for which I had to use a wheelchair for Stage IV Metastatic Colorectal Cancer at age 55.

I presented with wasting, yellow skin and eyes from a very large liver and severe pain among other systemic abnormalities which they immediately addressed.  Through a series of physical, laboratory and biological feedback techniques, they identified a severely abnormal metabolic, nutritional and immunological profile including an unexpectedly high mercury level. Within the first week I was transfused for a chronic anemia which reversed within days, and was diuresed for groin and leg edema from malnutrition and pelvic metastases. Of note, I released 6 pounds of fluid overnight, and then another 6 over the next 4 days. The relief was tremendous. The infrared sauna treatment began healing the open leg wounds immediately.

Over the next 2 weeks, I responded very quickly to the individualized treatment protocol of intravenous and oral nutrients including homeopathic agents. Additionally, each morning began with an expert massage to stimulate my lymph and immune systems, expelling edema from and reducing inflammation in my body.  Next was the truly glorious and rapidly-acting,  infrared  sauna. The heat generated creates an unfriendly environment in which cancer cells cannot live.  I was enveloped in a comforting warmth I’ve never known. Twice weekly I received biofeedback treatments which identified distinct metabolic and organ disturbances and administers an energy-based treatment to restore balance, including stimulating the immune system. Another diagnostic technology provided imagery of the whole body for an overall assessment of old injuries and possible effects on complete wellness. Each aspect of the protocol is administered and interpreted by an expert clinician in combination with Drs. Roshi and Ferri.  

The daily routine is smoothly run by caring individuals including 2 Medical Assistants, both of whom are certified phlebotomists, and the administrative staff who provide infrastructure organization.  Another team member ensures that we receive nutritious lunches from the best organic restaurants in the area and ensure cleanliness of the facility, among many other responsibilities.

Throughout this treatment experience, the love, joy, and relief of stress has improved the quality of life of not only me, but my precious husband, our elderly mothers and terrified families, as well as hundreds of friends and prayer groups. The doctors have overseen every detail, including providing referrals to other specialists when needed. One of which, for me, lead to early identification of a small brain lesion which is likely amenable to modern, non-invasive treatment.  

This complimentary approach to management of cancer patients is logical and provides scientific evidence supporting its efficacy in correcting debilitating deficiencies and removing toxic chemicals and metabolic debris.  Restoring homeostasis, is the ultimate goal by stimulating recovery and role of the natural killer cell (and other targeted T cells) to prevent and fight cancer. With few exceptions, regardless of the stage of illness, patients experience improved QOL, and in some cases, interventions affecting survival. It is our responsibility as recipients to point our medical communities in this direction. Ignorance or bias has no place in patient care. As Dr. Ferre has said, this is “complimentary” treatment, not “alternative”.
Endless thanks to everyone at OCII and for expertise, dedication and loving experience. I have no doubt of the positive and life-saving efforts that you bless us with.

Warmest Regards,
Dr. C.M.


Gary Brozio - Oct 11, 2012
When I came to Dr. Ferre in May 2012, I had stage-four appendix cancer, an inoperable tumor at the celiac axis, metastasis to the liver that blocked a bile duct, and ascites throughout the peritoneal cavity.  According to my oncologist, I had less than a year to live, and there was no treatment other than conventional chemotherapy, which by his own admission was “not very good.”  In other words, I was sent home to die.

I learned about Dr. Ferre from Dr. Ralph Moss’s comprehensive report and immediately began immune therapy treatment at OCII.  Once my immune system was bolstered, Dr. Ferre and Dr. Moss recommended that I go to the BioMed Clinic in Germany where they would administer a treatment that cannot be had in the United States, namely peritoneal hyperthermic perfusion along with localized hyperthermia and low-dose chemotherapy.  I received this treatment in July 2012.

It is now October 2012.  My recent MRI and CT scans show that the progression of the cancer has stopped.  The ascites is nearly gone, and the tumor markers are coming down significantly.  Apart from stopping the progression of the disease, my immune system remains healthy, and there is hope that the cancer may regress.

This turnaround is due in large measure to Dr. Ferre.  I have never encountered a more competent and caring professional.  She treats the “whole patient” rather than just the cancer.  She provides the treatments that she can under the standard of care in the United States, and she works in conjunction with American oncologists, but she is not afraid to recommend treatment outside the United States when she knows it is necessary.  There is no doubt in my mind that she provided me with the best possible care for my condition in the world.  For that I am extremely grateful.
Sharon Thomas - 01/16/12

Not a day goes by that I not think of Dr. Ferre and the clinic with enormous gratitude! When I was first diagnosed with lung cancer, and facing the chemo and radiation protocol ahead, I was overwhelmed! Fortunately my children did research and found the Orange County Immune Institute, which introduced me to Dr. Ferre, Dr. Roshi, the staff, and a new way of treating cancer.

Dr. Ferre's separate program for each patient, plus individual counseling helped me through the most difficult time of my life! I am now in remission and am confident that this is a direct result of my treatment at the Orange County Immune Institute.

Paul Z. - Santa Rosa, CA

Great News About My Pancreatic Cancer.

I am a 76-year-old man who was diagnosed with unresectable Adenocarcinoma of the head of the pancreas as per endoscopic ultrasound and fine needle aspiration biopsy done on 2-24-2010. Palliative chemotherapy was suggested. My family and I did not accept it since there was no promise that I will live longer or have a better quality of life.

I decided to start alternative and immune boosting treatment at Orange County Immune Institute. Immediately after starting the treatment, I started to feel stronger, happier, and after 4 weeks of treatment, the new CT scan, which was done on 6/17/2010, showed resolution of the previously seen four centimeter tumor and also an interval decrease in the size of the pancreas. My oncologist was surprised to learn of the natural supplements I am using to get the miraculous results.

Thank God for Dr. FERRE and her staff for the miracle work they have done.

I hereby allow Dr. Ferre to use this testimonial on her web site.

John Frers - Vancouver, Canada - June 28,2010

Dear Dr. Ferre,

In Nov. 2009 I experienced a blockage in the main bile duct in the liver and had a stent inserted to restore the duct function. Extensive analysis indicated that I had pancreatic cancer and the tumor in the pancreas had metastasized to the main artery in the pancreas, and the surgeon indicated the tumor inoperable. The cancer had also migrated to the liver where there were 15 – 20 lesions evident throughout the liver. In consultation with the oncologist at the cancer clinic, he indicated that there were only two possible methods of treatment for my type of cancer, that being chemotherapy or radiation, and he indicated that neither would be very effective in my situation.

Fortunately, I have a Sister-In-Law who was a registered nurse at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital who, upon hearing my diagnosis, began to do some research on alternative treatment for pancreatic and liver cancer. After many hours of research, and speaking with many alternative treatment clinics, she recommended that I try the Orange County Immune Institute. I immediately called Dr. Ferre and three days later arrived at the Institute for treatment.

The treatment was far beyond my expectations. The positive attitude toward treatment, the testimonials from other repeat patients and the professional analysis of the Doctors and staff was all very encouraging.

Blood samples were taken and analyzed with all cancer markers improving each week and my energy levels immediately began to improve. The number and amount of vitamins and supplements in my daily regimen was somewhat daunting however well worth the effort with the results achieved.

On returning home I had another CT scan done, the previous one was two months earlier, to determine what changes if any had taken place in the size of the tumor or liver lesions.  To the surprise of my oncologist, there was no noticeable increase in size of either the tumor or lesions and a growth in the duodenum did not show up on the latter scan. As a result, my scheduled chemo treatment was cancelled and a CT scan will be done every two months to monitor my condition.

Overall, a very positive and productive four weeks at the Institute which negated the harsh treatment of chemo or radiation.
My sincere thanks to Dr. Ferre and the staff at the clinic who had such a positive influence on my life.

Donald Wood

I was diagnozed with stage 4 prostate cancer in January 2008. I’d been treated with antibiotics for prostisis for aproximately 5 years.  Three biopsies were performed, and all three were negative, the fourth biopsy in january 2008 was positive, and my PSA was 380.

A catscan and a bonescan were performed which showed the cancer had metasticised in to my bones and lungs, which wasn’t good. My daughter Ivaan, who is an R.N. (Registered Nurse) she went on a search for reliable, alternative treatment centers, and she learned of Dr. Ferre’s results that she was achieving with her cancer patients at her clinic at Orange County Immune Institue in Huntington Beach.

When we met with Dr. Ferre, she said she couldn’t promise to cure me, but she could promise me that I could have a better quality of life as long as I did what she said. I started the treatments immediately. When I later saw an oncologist, I asked him how long he thought I had to live, he told me 3 to 6 months, maybe a year, and that surgery is no longer an option.

My first treatments were for 4 weeks, 5 days per week periods. I was started on a protocol of vitamins, herbs and minerals by Dr. Ferre, by I.V.s and orally, to strengthen my immune system and rid my body of toxins.

I was given a diet to follow aswell. I started showing improvements immediately and after several series of treatments, following a diet and supplement regime etc, my PSA was reduced to 7.4, and the rest of my lab results were near normal. The improvements have continued and I am able to live a basically normal, healthy life of a 76 year old man, no bone pain although I have extensive bone metastasis.

My life is worth living again and I feel great, thanks to Dr. Ferre and her colleges and I love her. And, I’m thankful for all the prayers and the supports of my friends and family for the help and support I recieved from the people at the clinic.

R.Abraham., M.D - June 20,2009

Rohit - July 27,2007

Linda LaMori - December,2007
My name is Linda LaMori and I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in March of 2004. I went through traditional medical treatments, mastectomy, and chemotherapy (intravenously and oral) plus radiation, a combination of one or all destroying my body. I had several reoccurrences over the years, which kept me on oral chemotherapy. In the course of those years my breast tumor markers were always high, ranging from 100-200. Nothing I did could ever lower it. I removed both my ovaries and fallopian tubes in hopes of reducing my estrogen, including hormone shots. All along being told that I would never be “cured”. At the end of December of 2007 I was told that I now had “chemotherapy induced” acute leukemia! Oops….so sorry! Due to the advanced nature of the breast cancer, chemotherapy again was offered, but odds of being put in remission were not good. Distressed over the leukemia I quit taking the prescribed hydroxyurea an oral chemo. The chemo that was killing me, now become a necessity to stay alive. February of 2008 I was admitted to Hospital with a dangerously high white blood count of 200+.

After being assessed I was admitted as a “DNR”! My husband was told by my oncologist that I would pass possibly within 48 hours. My sisters and brothers flew in from out of town and my friends and family all stayed vigil at my bedside. Because of my “DNR” status, Hospital nursing staff did nothing but administer the necessary medications as prescribed by my doctor. Never was I turned, bathed or comforted… it was only with the insistence of others that I received an air mattress, bathed and allowed to be wheeled outside to enjoy lunch in the fresh air. Each morning during my stay, my oncologist would come by to let me know that I was going to die. I told her I wasn’t; she just shook her head and gave me a look that I was not being realistic. Her attitude destroyed my husband. With not having the proper care as a patient should, who has been bed ridden for weeks, I ended up with severe bed sores on my Tail Bone.

 Regardless, I was getting better as each day went by…. due to my family and friends’ constant vigil of massages, bringing in food, energy work and prayer. During my last days at hospital, my sister came across the website of Dr Ferre and her Orange County Immune Clinic. She was so excited to have found a place close by. She and her husband drove to the clinic and found everyone there to be loving and caring and very knowledgeable in alternative treatments for cancer. I was excited to get out of the hospital and into a “positive healing place”.

When I first met Dr. Ferre, I found her to be a most remarkable woman who had been through so much in her own personal life that she understood what I was going through and my frustrations with traditional medicine. She listened to what my expectations were and what I was attempting to get out of her clinic. I was battling two cancers now and wanted to have a quality of life. She was honest and made no promises but was willing to help in any way possible.

When I entered the Clinic, I had an additional 20 pounds of water on me, bed sores, I could barely function…… couldn’t dress myself. Since mid 2007, my illness kept me from enjoying dinner out with family and friends. After just a week, I was going out… enjoying sit down dinners. I even took photos one day to send to my oncologist!

I spent 4 weeks at the clinic getting customized IV’s, differing daily depending on my needs, oxygen, massages, MIT far infrared treatment and constant blood work. The IV’s and blood work were administered by Dr. Roshanak. Her concern and care for my well being was amazing. She would often put her patients before herself and needed reminding to take care of herself.Dr. Ferre would give me oral supplements based on the outcome of my blood work, in an effort to build up my immune system. I usually came in the morning, feeling a lack of pep, but, by the afternoon upon completion of the treatment…. I was anchoring to go out and enjoy the evening. Part of my recovery has been laughing a lot, instead of being sad and down. It was always a very up-beat, positive environment. I looked forward to having the Dr’s read my blood work status, I was always over-joyed when the numbers showed improvement. Each day there, I got stronger and stronger. During the course of the time I felt constantly loved and supported.

After 4 weeks at the clinic, I lost the added 20 pounds, can move around and function and best yet, my breast tumor markers which were at a high of 200 in December , went down to an amazingly low 60 …. The last time it was that low was in 2005. I still struggle with the leukemia, but even after leaving the clinic, I am not deserted by my new “family”. They are still working with me to heal me. They are collaborating with my local doctors and I will see them once a week until I am on a stable route. For all of this, I am eternally grateful to Dr. Ferre and her Clinic and to God … 48+ days later I am still alive enjoying walks outside, dinner with my friends and occasionally shopping. My deepest thanks.

M.H. - July ,2006

I am writing this letter to share my experience in receiving care and treatment at Orange County Immune Institute and what it has done for me in my ongoing battle against cancer. I start with a short history of what I had gone through before I met Dr. Ferre Akbarpour.

I was first diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in April of 2003. I went through an extensive chemo and radiation therapy for nearly six months and I had monthly checkups including scans of head and neck in the same facility. I was diagnosed with a distant metastasis of the same disease in July of 2006 at a different facility. After going through confirmation at original cancer consult, my doctors were planning to put me through the same treatment. Having already experienced this ordeal before when I was 50 pounds heavier and much stronger, I thought I should look for an alternative solution. I started researching and through my research I found Dr. Akbarpour.

For the first time since my new diagnosis, I found real hope after I met Dr. Akbarpour, whom I found to be a very compassionate, caring, human being in addition to all her medical credentials and accolades, which were most impressive in their own right. So I started receiving a new therapy in her office. Under her supervision, I received a multi-faceted treatment and I have had a tremendous result.

I am a dentist, and I am about to start a new practice. I sincerely consider her to be my saving angel. I am most grateful to her and her professional staff for the way they have cared for me and I hope that sharing my experience with you, the reader, can give you the possibility to find what I found with them.


Dear Dr. Ferre,

I think of you often and the great gift of health and life you were able to offer for Robert to have five and a half excellent years whilst other doctors expected him to last only a few months. What an amazing time that was for him and for me and our family. He had never been better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—even before he was diagnosed with cancer. We were blessed to have met you and your team of other angels and Robert loved you as a dear friend right until he left his body. I'm not sure if I ever told you that he died with that beautiful smile on his face, looking up and surrounded by a glowing white light. We feel he has been very much with us on this Christmas Day with happy and peaceful memories. God bless you. I hope to see you again one day. With love.


I am 57 years old, a master plumber living on the East Coast and very fit until I was diagnosed with Pancreatic and Liver Cancer, and was given three months to live. After researching the likes and dislikes of cancer I knew I needed an educated and brilliant doctor that knew and used alternatives. We researched the Internet and found Dr. Ferre's web site. We called and made reservations to head to California for treatment. My wife only made reservations for two weeks thinking if this doesn't work then we would just go home. However, in those two weeks, Dr. Ferre was able to get my blood count up, my PH was improving, my strength was increasing. So we decided to stay another two weeks. By the end of the month, Dr. Ferre was able to get two of my three enzymes to work. One 100% and the other 50% and working on the third. My stomach where the tumor was showing swelling was decreasing and feeling softer and not so hard as it was when I arrived. I would recommend anyone who is diagnosed with any kind of disease to research Dr. Ferre's alternatives.

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